San Joaquin County 

Report by:
Bernice Turoff

Mentoring for women and girls:
To help girls and women aspire to and achieve their full potential by supporting expansion of existing programs and growth of new ones.

  • Areas of Need: Mentoring programs in schools on all levels , including college. In neighborhoods. For women in the Welfare to work programs.
  • Local action:
    1. Gather detailed information about existing programs and compile a directory of all local mentoring options.
    2. Call a round table discussion of mentor program leaders to identify possible ways to strengthen existing programs, with the possibility of creating a local center.
    3. Plan follow-up action for publicizing and recruiting for mentoring programs and establishment of a center.
  • Local co-chairs:
    1. Beth Luna, 10068 Garnet Ave., Stockton 95212, tel. # 209-931-4543.
    2. Bev Blum, 4271 Round Valley Circle, Stockton 95207, tel. 477-5970.

Decision-Making/Institutional Mechanisms:

  • Areas of need:
    1. Get women of vision into public offices.
    2. Bring issues of race discrimination to the forefront.
    3. Spread recognition that each of us has power and needs to assume responsibility.
  • Local actions:
    1. Collect and disseminate information on what public committees and electoral offices are available, that women can serve in.
    2. Promote participation of women to serve.
    3. Organize a permanent committee.
  • Local groups: AAUW, Democratic Womens’ Club, League of Women Voters
    Comm. Chair: Sandy Carter, 3012 Florida St., Stockton 95203, Tel. 464-0316

Economic Justice :

  • Areas of need:
    1. Equal pay for equal work.
    2. Eliminate part-time work as a ploy to not pay benefits.
    3. Eliminate “temporary” category that has been used for long time workers to avoid paying benefits.
  • Local action: target the County hiring practices, the City, and Delta College.
    Contact Person: Gilda Valdez, Local 790, 463-3283

Violence against women:

  • Areas of need
    1. Create zero tolerance for violence against women
    2. Educate girls to put a stop to gender bullying, empower at an early age.
    3. Use Title Nine to make more monetary resources available to women and girls in sports.
  • Local action: See to it that presently enacted laws are implemented. Get educational programs into the schools, bring community leaders together to hold them responsible and accountable.
    Chair: Joelle Gomez, Womens’ Center, 620 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton 95202, Tel. 941-2611.

Women’s Center, Child Abuse Prevention Council, Dawn House (part of Women’s Center).


This County is a work in progress. Stay tuned for actions, events and updates!