“California’s women join the women of the world as stewards of the earth.”

Chair: Claire Greensfelder 


California’s women join the women of the world as stewards of the earth. We accept responsibility for pursuing the repair and healing of the earth. We work to improve our environment and to increase public awareness of environmental issues and to demand responsible, timely disclosure of environmental dangers and hazards. We demand responsible actions from governments, corporations and civil society organizations. We assume responsibility for creating change in our communities. We educate the public – especially other women – that women are disproportionately impacted by adverse environmental effects. We will work to empower and encourage our sisters to become agents of change at all levels through education and training. As women, we recognize the integrity of all living things. We know that the life systems of our air, water and soil are all interconnected. We recognize that we have power in each choice we make to affect the quality, harmony, and beauty of ourselves and the econogical systems we are a part of. This ecological interconnection is both our vision and our commitment to action.



  • Ban use of Methyl Bromide in agriculture in California unless and until the corporations that use it can prove that it is not harmful to human and ecosystem health. Current use in strawberry fields is threatening the health of children and families in agricultural areas in their homes and schools in proximity to farm industries. Subsidize organic farmers.
  • Cancel the nuclear waste dump planned for Ward Valley, near Needles, California. Honor all Indian Treaties and protect lands sacred to the Ft. Mojave, Chimauevi, Western Shoshone and Colorado River Indian Tribes. Stop the land transfer from the BLM to the State of California. Cancel the Tritium Testing. Give tax credits for renewable energy development in private homes and industry.
  • Boycott Shell Oil – no state, regional or local governments should buy Shell Oil or other Shell petroleum products in order to support the campaign of grassroots Nigerian citizens for their human and environmental rights. Invest in electric and CNG vehicles for use by official state, regional and local governments.
  • Ban any purchase or use of ancient forest lumber in any state, regional or municipal agencies. Buy certified, sustainably harvested lumber and recycled lumber (e.g.old redwood from dismantled railroad bridges and from buildings deconstructed as a result of base closures).
  • Stop shipments of high-level nuclear wastes through the San Francisco Bay and the Concord Naval Weapons station by boat and across California towards Idaho by train. Facilitate international trade for California-based renewable energy industries in order to reduce use of nuclear technologies abroad and to reduce future waste shipments from US nuclear research partners.