CAWA: County and Regional Coalitions



A million women and girls are the base of CAWA - the CAlifornia Women’s Agenda. They connect through a network of 19 regional coalitions that operate out of 20 counties with volunteer coordinators. Within this regional network are 600 organizations with cross-cutting agendas that connect to a constituency of over one million women and girls in the state. These county coalitions use the CAWA Plan of Action (1996, 2000) from the Beijing Plan of Action (1995) as their framework for action on critical concerns. Their coordinators’ significance is visible on the organization chart and in their reports.

[San Francisco County]- [San Joaquin County]- [Humboldt County]
[Santa Clara County]- [San Mateo County]- [Santa Cruz County]
[San Diego County]- [Los Angeles County]

For CAWA County Coordinators, see the Organization Chart



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