CAlifornia Women's Agenda


"California's women join the women of the world as stewards of the earth."

Claire Greensfelder


California's women join the women of the world as stewards of the earth. We accept responsibility for pursuing the repair and healing of the earth. We work to improve our environment and to increase public awareness of environmental issues and to demand responsible, timely disclosure of environmental dangers and hazards. We demand responsible actions from governments, corporations and civil society organizations. We assume responsibility for creating change in our communities. We educate the public - especially other women - that women are disproportionately impacted by adverse environmental effects. We will work to empower and encourage our sisters to become agents of change at all levels through education and training. As women, we recognize the integrity of all living things. We know that the life systems of our air, water and soil are all interconnected. We recognize that we have power in each choice we make to affect the quality, harmony, and beauty of ourselves and the econogical systems we are a part of. This ecological interconnection is both our vision and our commitment to action.



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